NBA 2k18 Locker Codes is best way to get VC fast & Free

Locker Codes in NBA 2k18 : How to Get VC (Money) Fast

Virtual currency, shortly referred to as the VC, is definitely the most sought out and the most used feature in all the basketball games under the NBA 2K series. Whether you buy it with your real world cash or get them with the nba 2k18 locker codes available online or you make it by playing games and winning them, VC is an imminent feature in every series including the upcoming NBA 2K18. VC as you know is used for many things including for buying clothes, getting yourself a new hairstyle in the MyCareer in the game, to upgrade player status, to buy packs for your MyTeam and so on. Given the kind of importance that VC has, it will definitely help if you know how to make it fast.

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To start with you can easily make around 600 VC everyday with the app for NBA 2K18 on your mobile called the NBA 2K18. Another way is to playing those quick games that can get you anywhere up to 500 VC, for every game will give you 50 VC even if you don’t win. There is also a bonus for logging in everyday which is around 100 VC. Not only does the NBA 2K18 app helps you in getting as many VCs as you want but it also helps in screening your face for developing as a player in the MyCareer option. This is an app which can easily get you more VC at a faster rate.

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Completing your matches in the MyCareer mode will also help you to make VCs fast. While based on your performance, you can earn certain VC in this mode, you do not have the option of VC multipliers when you finish any match at a higher difficulty. So a single match can get you anywhere from 700 VC to 1500 VC.

NBA 2K18 locker codes online generator

Another way to make the money is to use the interactive episodes on the NBA 2KTV. You just have to answer some questions, which are fairly simple and you stand a chance to make as high as 500 VC. You can also get some cards for MyTeam. This will not only give you rewards in the game but it will also give you an insight into the concept behind the development of the game NBA 2K18.

Simulation of matches can also earn you good money in the NBA 2K18. Login to your account, go to the MyLeague mode and start simulating matches using Simcast in the real time. By using the simulation speeds to move faster, you can complete the match in no time. And when you finish you will get a real good quantity of VC.

locker codes online generator no survey

In case you are in the process of exploring “The neighborhood”  then you should make it a point to visit the 2KZone as there are chances of you making some VC here. For every trivia that you answer here you can make up to 25VC and to do this all you need is some knowledge on basketball or simply a better speed in accessing Google. Another machine in this arena allows you to make bets on three matchups and for every correct pick, you can make 25VC.

How to get free locker codes in NBA 2k18

After doing all this, if you are still short of money, then there are cross promotions that you can make use of to make money. For instance, you have the promotional offer on buying Mountain Dew from Walmart and use that receipt to get a chance to win 5000 VC worth of a locker code. The offer is valid until the end of October 2017. Some of the products from Reese’s Puffs also come with the locker code worth 2500 VC and you might just happen to be the lucky one.