At our mission is to index all the world's information; however, unlike google we plan to be really evil in the process. We've started by seeking out the most relevant scholarly data on the web. Naturally Twitter was where we looked first. Using our unpantentable Tweet-to-Speech™ technology, we've made it possible for billions of people to hear the "Pulse of the Planet" as never before.


Will "thumper" Bailey

Will is the benevolent co-dictator and lead developer of Prior to turning the tech world on its earhole with the ideation of, Will led a series of unsuccessful attempts to tie his shoelaces. Will spent portions of the late 70's as a tiny fetus. He received his associate degree in applied scalp care technologies from the prestigious International Correspondence School. Will's favorite dinosaur is the velociraptor.

Edwin "red lion" Gonzalez

Edwin is the cofounder and lead architect of Edwin previously served as the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. After losing an arm wrestling match with the board in 1985, Ed resigned and joined the gym. He swore never to lose again.

Jay "the face" Harlow

Is the Acting Executive Vice President of User Experience and Sensual Pleasure. In his spare time, he enjoys yachting, metallurgy, and freestyle horticulture.

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Twitter: _tweetradio
Email: tweetcontact at gmail dot com

shout out

Surprisingly we aren't the only tweetradio out there. When we were first playing around with this project, Edwin found out about the amazingly well done TweetRadio written for the New York Moon by Matt Hackett. We didn't know about Matt's tweetradio when we got started, and our take on the idea is a little different, but still, if you like what you see here check out the New York Moon's radio edition.